Here you'll find helpful tools and ideas designed to assist you in your workday and give you the time you need to focus on the Ignition Points in the Book.

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bnetThe Manager's Universe Acted Out on BNET

In late July Vince spent some time at the San Francisco studios of BNET, CNET’s major entry into the world of business media. The team over there had become aware of Ignited and enamored with the idea of actually acting-out The Manager’s Universe.

It sounded a little crazy at first but Vince believes it works and will live on as a great training tool. Five minutes in length it’s easy to pass along or open a team meeting with. You decide.

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Igniting Your Relationships!

Anne Farmery interviews Vince Thompson on how to strengthen relationships at work and the importance of emotional intelligence in your career.

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As managers we all ride the fulcrum point between the C-Level and front lines.

Visit my blog as we talk about putting the Ignition Points to work and powering the fulcrum point we live on to a place of more power and meaning. Oh yeah…on the lighter side I’ll share some funny workplace stuff and on the heavier side some of my picks for the great food on the road.”

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