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Vince Thompson is a Manager. Over the course of his career he has spent 15 years leading teams in a variety of hotbeds for learning: First in restaurants, then in television stations then for seven years as Regional Vice President of Sales for America Online. Now with his firm Middleshift, Vince helps Internet companies scale revenue by building advertising sales businesses and better integrating and empowering those in the middle.


While his early days in management were marked with frustration, Vince came to learn that the answers were out there but not in a form easily accessible to managers.


Vince Thompson

In his quest for answers Vince turned to the business section of bookstores but learned after much reading, that while great business books have been written for the first time manager or the C-Level leader capable of influencing major strategic change, there was little for the veteran manager looking to gain more success and contribute at a higher level.


Thus the work on Ignited began. With a seasoned research team, Thompson set out to understand all of the resources available to managers and conduct a detailed online survey of their attitudes and empowerment. Then Vince and the research the team conducted interviews of over 100 managers at various stages of their careers. These managers worked at companies such as Harrah’s, Bank of America, Nordstrom, GE, Airbus and Rawlings and many are featured in the book.


Ignited is based on the principle that with so many industries undergoing creative destruction and reinvention Managers in the Middle have a new found power and importance and hold the key to reinventing business and our workplace.

The goal of Ignited is to introduce Managers to their true power and purpose and show them how to work Ignition Points that’ll deliver the success they deserve. It’s time to take our business and career back and Ignited will show the way.


In addition to Vince’s work in front line management, he created AOL’s first sales training and leadership organization and has spoken as an expert on the field of Online Advertising. As an author he contributed to the Iowa Press Textbook, Media Selling.


Vince holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from The University of Southern California and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.


He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters where he enjoys trail running and mountain biking.


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