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Featured Elements

Vince Thompson is a seasoned speaker and powerful motivator. With speeches handcrafted for your organization, Vince truly Ignite’s his audiences - driving them toward powerful action and More Power, More Purpose and More Success.

A true Freedom Fighter for Manager’s, here is some of what Vince covers in his talks.

More Power

  • Learn how to lead in a limited work space
  • Power up your network, expand your influence
  • Overcome the traps of time, powerlessness,and negative emotions
  • Drive meaningful strategic change across your company and industry

More Purpose

  • Harness the power of seven core ignition points
    for achieving your highest purpose
  • Accomplish the powerful goals you’re uniquely
    positioned to achieve
  • Connect your personal passions with your
    company’s goals



More Success

  • Master a system for selling your vision, and succeeding with the projects you’re most passionate about
  • Live your best life, not just your company’s

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