Ignited Managers thrive because of their unique ability to connect and leverage their informal networks for the good of the company. Due to the incredible power represented by these networks, we believe that managers need a system to understand and monitor the ever-changing value of this key asset. With the Manager's Universe, we have discovered a system that can simultaneously guide managers in their behavior, measure their efforts moving forward and actually confirm the occurrence of the Ignited.

Here's how it works:

how it works



On the center of a piece of paper, draw a circle representing yourself. Then draw a ring of circles on the paper around the first circle. Each circle in the ring will represent an important stakeholder in your success. For example, in the ring of circles around me I'll have my team members, our customers, our vendors, several internal managers that I work closely with, my boss and our C.O.O.

Then next to each stakeholder, you'll rank the importance of this person to you in terms of your business success on a scale of 1-10. One being the least influential and ten being the most influential. Right next to it you will then rank the strength of your relationship with this person on a scale of 1-10. Once you have completed this exercise, you'll have a clearer understanding of where you need to build relationships and demonstrate value. Within the pages of Ignited you'll learn about powerful levers that can help you build and grow these relationships in meaningful and sustainable ways. For now however, you've made a start.

It is Ignited’s premise that the role of the Manager sits on a fulcrum point that balances corporate vision on one side and the field force and customer on the other. A fulcrum point that, under constant pressure by both sides, has the potential to either point downward becoming de-positioned and less effective or upward reaching its highest potential and assuming limitless levels of power, purpose and success.

Raising the Manager's fulcrum point is what Ignited is all about.


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